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If you're watching this post, you might be interested to know that Mission 7 is about to begin. We're based in a different community now, but we're still the same land comm!

If you're a past member who would like to come back and play again, or someone who has been watching but not playing,  why not apply for a team and join in? We'd love to have you!

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#Challenge 8 Team Challenge results

Wow! We've been so impressed with how well all of you teams did with this challenge this weekend!

I know you probably all want to know how you've done so here goes!! (The points include the bonus points which were awarded too.)

Civilian: 140
Hero: 250
Sidekick: 220
Villain: 190

The spreadsheet is up to date and the sidebar will be updated soon - if you have any question or comments, this post is open or you can pm if you prefer :) Well done again to everyone - you all really pulled together!